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Universal Salons Gets 23 Hairstyles Featured in Magazine

May 25, 2015 in Hairstyle News, Uncategorized

Sophisticate's black Hair Styles and Care Guide May 2015

Sophisticate’s black Hair Styles and Care Guide May 2015

Universal Salons is changing the way black hair salons increase their clientele. This company, founded by renowned hair photographer Chip Foust, has proven to be the one of the largest sources for new clientele for hair salons across the country, getting models from the beauty salons published in some of the largest black hair magazines in the country, such as Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide, which happens to be the nation’s largest.

We are honored to announce that Universal Salons got 23 hairstyles featured in the new May, 2015 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. These hairstyles were created for one of our nationwide hairstylist photo shoots. Salons included in this issue are Glamrus Hair Studio in Woodbridge, VA, A Perfect Image Hair Studio in Hampton, VA, 10 Gems Salon in Beaufort, SC, Heads Up Salon in Beaufort, SC, Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville, NC, Ultimate Creations in Beaufort, SC, A Lady Becoming Salon in Laurel, MD, Transcending Innovations Beauty Salon in Greensboro, NC, L3 Salon in Fayetteville, NC, Divah’z & Co. Salon in Greensboro, NC Hairbraiding by Clarese in Fayetteville, NC, Blue Velvet Hair Studio in Laurel, MD, Artistry by Chandra in Greensboro, NC, and Kenneth Shuler’s School of Cosmetology (Garner’s Ferry) in Columbia, SC, 

Why Connect With Universal Salons?

As if getting nationwide magazine coverage wasn’t enough, Universal Salons offers the salons that work with them so much more. For example, they also submit photo shoots to other publications, bringing their clients international exposure. And, every salon that does a photo shoot with them gets their very own web app that their potential customers can visit right from their phones, checking out the great talent the parlor has to offer in terms of hair care and style.

Actually, the list of benefits enjoyed by those who team up with Universal Salons goes on and on. Any hair salon that’s proud of the creative, stylish black hairstyles their cosmetologist can craft would do well to gain the exposure and reap the rewards only working with Universal Salons can offer. It gives their online marketing strategy a big boost while simultaneously providing them with a supercharged, highly effective method of offline marketing.

Congratulations to all of the talented cosmetologist and models featured in the May 2015 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. 

Leslie Boykin’s “The Love of Color” Long Hairstyle with Round Curls

Leslie Boykin from Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville, NC created this vibrant colorful hairstyle. You can contact Leslie to make an appointment or ask more questions at (910) 483-3870.  

Nikia Gorham’s Color “Me” Bad Short Mohawk Hairstyle with Highlights

Nikia Gorham created this trendy mohawk using crimson red highlights. give Nikia a call at (336) 543-0738 to make your next appointment. 

Shakia Allen’s “Purple Rain” Sew-In Long Hairstyle with Color and Curls

This hairstyle was created by Shakia Allen from 10 Gems Salon in Beaufort, SC. Give Shakia a call at (843) 521-4367 and make your next appointment or just ask a question.

Nikia Gorham’s Naturalistic Wedding Braids Updo

This is another hairstyle from Nikia Gorham. This elegant updo would look good at a wedding, prom or any social function.

Braided Mohawk Updo Hairstyle from Jasmine Sims

Jasmine Sims from Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology in columbia, Sc created this braided mohawk. you can reach the staff at Kenneth Shuler’s garner’s Ferry campus at (803) 776-9100.

Side Copper Swept Fringe Short Hairstyle from Ebony Curtis

Laurel, MD cosmetologist Ebony Curtis created this short colorful black hairstyle. Ebony is the owner of A Lady Becoming Hair Salon. You can contact Ebony at (757) 234-1094.

Wavy, Wild, and Wispy Long Hair Extensions with Hair Color from Chandra Peak

Chandra Peak is an ultra talented hairstylist, make up artist, and photographer from Artistry by Chandra Salon in Greensboro, NC. She can be reached at (336) 267-7776.

Short Hairstyle with Red Hair Color and Curls from Alvienia Middleton

This short doo with tapered sides, hair color and curls was created by Alvenia Middleton form Blue Velvet Hair Studio in Laurel, MD. To book an appointment, give her a call at (443) 744-5860.

Paulette Edwards “Golden Goddess” Natural, Long, Blow Out Hairstyle with Curls and Hair Color

Whether you are dressing up for a night out, or playing it casual with friends on the weekend, curly hairstyles are the perfect go to. This particular look was created by paulette edwards from Ultimate Creations in Beaufort, SC. Give Paulette a call at (843) 522-2939.

Clarese Andrews’ “Flaming Red Mohawk”

Those with natural hairstyles need not worry because this hair type has the most options for hair creativity. This natural mohawk was styled by Clarese Andrews from Hairbraiding by Clarese in Fayetteville, NC. You can reach Clarese at (910) 977-2724.

Curly Hairstyle For Long Gorgeous Ethnic Hair from Felicia Maine

Felicia Maine from 10 Gems Hair Salon in Beaufort, SC created this long, flowing hairstyle. Let Felicia create this look for you by giving her a call at (843) 521-4367.

Queen McKee Clyburn’s Box Braids Updo Hairstyle

Stop over and let Queen Clyburn from Divah’z and Co. Salon in Greensboro, NC create this box Braids hairstyle for you. Make your appointment by calling (336) 285-8290.

Denise Granberry’s Lace Hairstyle with Extensions and Ombre Color

Long hairstyles are made easy with the help of high quality hair extensions like the ones you can get at l3 Salon in Spring Lake, NC. Denise Granberry is the owner of this salon and the creator of this long, hombre hairstyle. Give Denise a call at (832) 660-7975.

Nikia Gorham’s Beautiful and Natural Black Hairstyle with Curls and Layers

Natural hairstyles are beautiful and healthy for your hair. this look was created by Nikia Gorham from Transcending Innovation Beauty in Greensboro, NC.  give Nikia a call at (336) 543-0738.

Ebony Curtis’ “Sunny Crop” Short Haircut with Hair Color

There’s an increased appeal with short haircuts for women, especially black hairstyles. Ebony curtis from A lady Becoming Salon in Laurel, MD created this look. If you would like Ebony to create a hairstyle like this for you, give her a call at (757) 234-1094.

Beautiful Natural Hairstyle with Hair Color from Paulette Edwards

This is a fun, flirty natural hairstyle created by Paulette Edwards from Ultimate Creations in Beaufort, SC. to make an appointment with Paulette, give her a call at (843) 522-2939.

Marcus Doss’ High Ponytail with a Chunky Layered Bang

This long ponytail was created using quality hair extensions and services from Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville, NC. Let Marcus create this look for you by giving him a call at (910) 483-3870.

Long “Banged Out Tresses” Hairstyle from Angel Gary

This is another long hairstyle made with loose curls using hair extensions. Angel Gary from Head’s Up Salon in Beaufort, SC created this particular look. give Angel a call at (843) 522-9339 to make your next appointment.

“Fusion Wave” Short Curly Haircut from Natasha Johnson

This model is proudly wearing her short sassy haircut with confidence. Natasha Johnson created this short hairstyle with soft curls and hair color. Feel free to give Natasha a call at (843) 521-4367 or stop by to visit at 10 Gems Salon in Beaufort, SC.

Felicia Maine’s “Curl Madness” Curly Hairstyle with Highlights

Red highlights add dimension creating a more alluring curly hairstyle. This is yet another hairstyle from Felicia Maine from 10 Gems Salon. Call Felicia a call at  (843) 521-4367.

Natasha Johnson’s “Blue Indigo” Short Hairstyle

This look is for the ladies that have short hair and want something fun and flirty. !0 gems Salon is showcased again with this hairstyle from Natasha Johnson. Book an appointment with Natasha at (843) 521-4367.

Bob Hairstyle with Hair Color from Katrina Ammons

Bob hairstyles are the definition of classic style. Katrina Ammons from A Perfect Image Hair Studio in Hampton, VA is the artist that created this look. Give Katrina a call at (757) 262-0021 to book your appointment.

Helania Fort’s Classic Natural Glam Hairstyle

Layered looks are very popular black hairstyles and are a perfect complement to short haircuts for women. This hairstyle was created by Helania Fort from Glamrus Hair Studio @ Master Salons in Woodbridge, VA. Book your appointment with Helania at (703) 565-6942.






Universal Salons Gets 33 Models Published in the May 2014 Issue of Sophisticates black Hair Styles and care Guide

April 15, 2014 in Hairstyle News

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to all of the talented cosmetologist featured in the May 2014 issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. Constance Yvette Purnell, Marie Ferguson, Rasheeda Berry, Latasha Carroll, Courtney Garcia, Staci Bradshaw, GlobalTresses Denise, Brittany Anderson, Tiffany Jones, Ms. Jackee, Carita Mickle, Sharlotte Shae Galloway-Thompson, Ashley Wheeler, Victoria Peele, Paula Russell, Nakia Boykin, LaRhonda Fields, Sarah Jenkins, Katrina Ammons, Lacheryl Melvin-Leophart, Teneica Donald, Julie Hickson-Dupree, Regina Conely, Tammy B. Herod, Dezjuan Jackson, Shalonda Peachlyn, Kevin Daniel Price, Chandra Peak.

To gain recognition, a sophisticated clientele base, a profitable career and job security being a cosmetologist and dealing in black hairstyles is not an easy endeavor. There are significant barriers to success in this field. Talent is a necessary requirement, but strong determination and business acumen is also required. Being able to collaborate with industry leaders, both in professionally presenting your service and building it into a business are necessary contacts that will take an undeveloped cosmetologist in the black hairstyles industry years to make.

Universal Salons gives motivated stylist these exact opportunities. Thirty-three examples are featured in the highly anticipated May 2014 issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. Beyond the immense benefit of the exposure given to participating stylists, value is also gained in the other benefits that opportunities of this magnitude entail. One such opportunity is the chance to work with Chip Foust. Mr. Foust is the industry leader in hair photography. He has been featured in timeless publications like Newsweek, Ebony, Essence and Jet , Hype Hair and Sophisticated Black Styles. Chip Foust’s input and personal wealth of information cannot be understated. As the founder of Universal Hair Style and Salon Guide and Universalsalons.Com, he is personally invested in participant’s success.

Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide

Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide
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Cosmetologist also receive a make-up design team of industry leading artist. Each make-up artist is nationally recognized and published in top magazines regularly. A multi-page presence on a web site that receives over 2.4 million hits monthly is the type of exposure that can turn hair salons into thriving businesses, and by participating in a Universal Salons photo shoot; there is a separate page for the stylist, the salon and the hairstyle.

Inclusion in the next issue of the Universal Salons and Hair Styles Guide is guaranteed, but Universal Salons goes a step further by providing stylists with a Hi Res Cd and by submitting their work for consideration in other major industry publications. By building a professional and well-produced portfolio with Universal Salons, the stylists who work in black hairstyles and other hairstyles will attract clients who value appearance and who can afford high-end professional salons.