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Wave Links Hair Studios Creates New Looks for the New Year

January 5, 2015 in Articles wave links salon, Deirdre Clay Articles, Hairstyle News, Uncategorized

Wave Links Hair Studios Inc. in Fayetteville NC uses hair extensions to create elegant black hairstyles for the New Year. Give these talented artist a call and let them create that new look for your New Year. They can be reached at (910) 864-8777 or visit their website at

Let the talented hairstylist at Wave Links Hair Studios in Fayetteville NC show you how a few hair additions can transform you in the New Year of 2015.  There so many different hair additions techniques that are available to enhance your styles that are undetectable here at Wave Links we pride ourselves on perfecting them. Here are a couple of techniques that we offer at our salon.

Deirdre Clay’s “Water Wave” Long Hairstyle with Hair Color and Curls

The first technique which is worn by Sharitta and featured in Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide February issue is a full Sew-in with a small amount of your hair out to cover the top braid to give you more of a natural part look.  This is a technique which the hair  is braided down and sewn on to the braids.  To make sure the hair remains natural looking and not oily or weighed down we use Influance S3 Serum to keep frizz down and protect the hair from any heat damage. This method is great when transitioning out of your relaxer to chemical free hair.

Punk Rock Long Hairstyle with Spikes from Deirdre Clay

Khadja had breakage around the hairline so we chose to use the Interlock technique to lengthen her bang area. This is a no braid technique that you can relax or add hair color without removing the hair. For those of you with fine hair, you don’t have the bulkiness of the braid so the hair lays flat for great coverage.

Bob Hairstyle with Royal Blue Highlights from Tenika Brantley
For Brooke, she just wanted a little length and some color enhancement to her already medium length hair.  She also did not want to wear her hair for a long period of time, so we decided we would use Bonding Glue to install her tracks for a temporary look.  Make sure you return to the salon or either purchase some Influance Natural Organic Oil to remove your tracks safely.
Short Hairstyle with Hair Color from Deirdre Clay
Sherrita wanted to try a short look without cutting her hair so we utilized the Quick Weave method to achieve her look, with Bonding Glue also.  With this technique you must keep all oil off of the hair so we suggest that you use the Influance S3 Spray to give it a shine and more manageability.
Ponytails are easy to manage and a stylish hair addition that will add flare to your new look for the new year. Ponytails can be created in many different styles and variations. Here are three different ponytail looks we can provide for you at Wave Links Hair Studio.  
Wedding Ponytail Hairstyle from Deirdre Clay
First we have Asia with this beautiful upsweep ponytail with a very heavy bang an vibrant color to accent this ponytail. Her ponytail was simply pulled up and wrapped around to make it into an elegant bun.  This would look wonderful for a bride, to attend the prom, or just for the evening out. To ensure that this style will maintain its shape we suggest that you use Influance Firm Hair Spray to keep every hair in place for your special day.
Awesome Ponytail with Hair Color from Deirdre Clay
Next we have Rena with a feather bang and a versatile deep wave ponytail for a fun look.  Influance Glaze Edges would be used to keep her edges smooth and laying silky.  This ponytail was simply installed with hairpins and can be taken off every night and reapplied easily the next morning.  
Natural Updo with Hair Extensions from Deirdre Clay
Christina has natural hair so we used the Influance Firm Holding Foam to achieve a double strand twist set on the outer perimeter of this hairstyle.  Making sure we twist the hair going upward towards the crown of her head.  After loosening our two strand twist we used Influance Organic Complex to add shine to this look.  For fullness in the top we use some Marley braiding hair that we wrapped around the ponytail we made with her natural hair to give her more height and her hairstyle. This hairstyle is also wonderful for people who have relaxed hair but want a natural look.
These are just some of the many hair additions that we  at Wave Links hair Studio here in Fayetteville North Carolina prove to our clients.  So we invite you to “Come and  Catch the  Wave” in 2015 with a new look for the New Year and a new you.
Give these talented artist a call and let them create that new look for your New Year. They can be reached at (910) 864-8777 or visit their website at
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Influance Glazed Edges

Influance Glaze Edges

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UniversalSalons.Com Gets 7 Black Hair Salons Featured in The October 2014 Issue of Hype Hair Magazine

October 7, 2014 in Hairstyle News


Hype Hair October 2014

Hype Hair Magazine is one of the largest black hair publications in the world. Universal Salons has provided this and other mass market hair magazines with quality images for over 20 years. Recently 7 hair salons that utilize our photo shoot services were featured in the October 2014 issue of Hype Hair Magazine. All of the cosmetologist and hair salons featured are extremely artistic and talented as well as professional and knowledgeable. We want to take this time to congratulate Dre’ Ramseur-Blanton from Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon in Charlotte NC, Shauna Robinson from Salon Cheveux Hair Salon in Cornelius NC, Tenika Brentley at Wave Links Hair Studio in Fayetteville NC, Ashley Wheeler from Godly Image Hair Studio in Ft. Walton Beach FL, Paulette Edwards from Ultimate Creations in Beaufort, SC and De’Nisha Aiken from 4D Hair Studio in Ridgeland SC .

Ultimate Creations in Beaufort, SC

Ultimate Creations is a great salon for those who are really looking to add a bit of color into their hairstyle. Their hair care experts will help you achieve that look that you are really striving for. No longer will you have to try and get that color look at home with store bought brands. 

Salon Cheveux Hair Salon in Cornelius NC

Salon Cheveux is for the individual who really wants to think outside of the box with their hairstyle. Whether you are looking for pink in your hair, or an asymmetrical bob, Salon Chevuex has the right expertise for you. 

4D Hair Studio in Ridgeland SC

4D Hair Studio is a great black hair salon. This black hair salon will help to really get that black hairstyle that you are looking for. Black hairstyles aren’t the easiest to get done right, but 4D Hair Studio will be able to help you with this. 

Godly Image Hair Studio in Ft. Walton Beach FL

When you are looking for black short hairstyles, Godly Image Hair Studio is the right pick for you. Black short hairstyles are tough to do, but this salon will really do a great job. 

Wave Links Hair Studio in Fayetteville NC

Wave Links Hair Studio is committed to doing a great job when it comes to black hairstyles. Whether you are looking for a great a line hair cut, or a bob with royal blue highlights, this salon will help you to achieve the results that you are looking for. 

Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon in Charlotte NC

When you are searching through black hair salons, you may find that you are having a hard time finding exactly which one you should go with. Hair Infinity Wellness Salon is one of those salons that is truly among the best. The hairstyles that come out of this salon are truly among some of the best hairstyles out there today.

Help Us Choose the Best Total Look From Our Greensboro NC Photo Shoot

September 19, 2014 in Hairstyle News

Greensboro North Carolina is the home of some of the most artistic cosmetologist we’ve ever worked with.  This week we are showcasing a brand new set of black hairstyles from three of Greensboro’s finest.  Chandra Peak from Artistry by Chandra Hair Salon, Queen Clyburn from Divah’z & Co. Hair Salon and Nikia Gorham from Transcending Innovations Beauty Salon. We invite you to look over each of these hairstyles and select the one that you consider to be the most beautiful and trendy hairstyle in the group.  You can see different angles of these hairstyles below and then you can place your vote under that.

Once you have made your decision you can place your vote at the bottom of this article. Make sure you click the vote button at the very bottom. Congratulations and good luck to all of the models and cosmetologist in this weeks contest.

Medium Layered Bob “Peak-a-Boo Blonde” Hairstyle from Chandra Peak with Model Ariel

This hairstyle is beautiful for those with medium hairstyles. It is a straightened hair style with a layered bob to help accentuate the face.  This is best done with hair colors of black hairstyles or ombre hair. 

Shoulder Length Layered Bob with Hair Color from Chandra Peak with Model Chandra

A big trend in hair right now for those with medium length hair is the layered bob. Bob hairstyles are flattering for almost everyone and there are a few different options.

Wavy, Wild, and Wispy Long Hair Extensions with Hair Color from Chandra Peak with Model Jennice

Not everyone can grow a wavy canopy like this style, which is why extensions are the go-to way to get your wave on! This hairdo tells everyone there’s a fun-loving and wild head beneath the waves.

Nikia Gorham’s Naturalistic Wedding Braids Updo with Model Monique

Creating updo’s that haven’t been seen can be a difficult task but it is possible to have a natural look with the right stylist. In this photo the model has a beautiful braided hairstyle which has been twisted into an updo and is crafted by adding multiple layers.

Nikia Gorham’s Color “Me” Bad Short Mohawk Hairstyle with Highlights with Model Nikia

This is one of the most youthful and adventurous black hairstyles still making waves amongst the music and Hollywood elite. It’s a short hairstyles favorite that mimics the rebelliousness of a punk mohawk, yet remains flattering and versatile.

Nikia Gorham’s Short Bob Hairstyle with Hair Color with Model Denise

Denise in this picture is donning a bob type haircut with red hair color highlights in the front. Her hair color matches her dress, and plays a bold trick on the eye. It is even all around and the bangs in the front provide a feminine touch.

Queen McKee Clyburn’s Box Braids Updo Hairstyle with Model Dorchelle

Box braids are not as hard as it seems. These black hairstyles will make you look amazing in no time!

Nikia Gorham’s Beautiful and Natural Black Hairstyle with Curls and Layers with Model Sonya

In this picture the model is wearing a natural and beautiful style that compliments her face shape nicely. The model has parted her hair to the side while adding curls to the bottom of the hair.

Once again make sure you make your selection and click the VOTE button at the bottom.

Choose the Best Total Look from our Greensboro, NC Photo Shoot

  • Jennice
    (74%, 369 Votes)
  • Sonya
    (13%, 67 Votes)
  • Monique
    (6%, 30 Votes)
  • Denise
    (3%, 14 Votes)
  • Nikia
    (3%, 14 Votes)
  • Dorchelle
    (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Chandra
    (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Ariel
    (0%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 500

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If you would like to contact any of these talented cosmetologist, their information is below…

Nikia Gorham
Transcending Innovations Beauty
1325 S. Eugene St.
Greensboro, NC 27406
Phone: (336) 543-0738

Queen McKee Clyburn
Divah’z & Co. Salon
3921 High Point Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27404
Phone: (336)285-8290

Chandra Peak
Artistry by Chandra
1325 S. Eugene St.
Suite 115
Greensboro, NC 27406
Phone: (336) 267-7776

10 Drop Dead Gorgeous Hairstyles that Will Also Keep Your Hair Healthy

September 15, 2014 in Hairstyle News, Uncategorized

Healthy hair is something that everyone strives for but although many people want their hair to be healthy and strong, not a lot actually achieve it. Hearty hair takes a lot of work to achieve because there are so many steps that have to be completed in order to start the journey to growing and maintaining healthy hair. 

To keep hair healthy, you must start adopting a certain lifestyle and hair care routine. Some of the things you must do to obtain great hair is exercise, eat clean and healthy food, and stay away from dangerous hair chemicals. After incorporating those few things mentioned above, people should start to see a difference in the health of their hair. Also, in order for anyone to maintain the healthiness of their hair, they must wear protective and safe hairstyles. This will protect the hair from damage and also keep it clean.

Style editor Jackie Evans looked over our HUGE style library to find the top 10  black hairstyles that look beautiful and are also healthy.

Style editor Jackie Evans looked over our HUGE style library to find the top 10 black hairstyles that look beautiful and are also healthy.

How can women keep their hair looking great, while staying away from harsh hair treatments and heat? We asked Jackie Evans from All About You Hair Salon in Peoria AZ to give us some tips on healthy hair care as well as search our hairstyle galleries and find 10 drop dead gorgeous hairstyles that will keep your hair healthy at the same time. Jackie has been a professional cosmetologist in hair salons all over the world. Her work is regularly seen in national publications like Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide and Hype Hair Magazine. Follow Jackie’s tips and try the black hairstyles below in order to obtain the healthiest hair and to also keep it safe. 

Firstly, one of the things that tend to damage hair is excessive heat so in order to maintain good hair, you must go for a style that does not require a lot to be done in between salon visits. Some healthy hairstyles are bone straight relaxed, curly and short crop hair. These are easy to maintain and do not require a lot of heat to style. For instance with a curly hair, all you have to do is shampoo and allow it to air dry. No heat required. If the hair is relaxed straight, you must make sure to shampoo it once a week or at least once every two weeks and also be sure to use a quality conditioner afterwards. This hair can be roller set and allowed to dry naturally without heat. You must also make sure to wrap it and wear a silk cap or wrap before going to bed. 

Secondly, short cut crop hair can also be healthy if it is cut in layers or bluntly. This will require no heat to style. All that is required is a hair moisturizer and fingers or comb to style it. 

Here is some information on Jackie’s choices for 10 drop dead gorgeous hairstyles that will keep your hair healthy at the same time. These black hairstyles have layers and blunt cuts. They also require less thermal use than most hairstyles:

01.Medium Bob Hairstyle from Kanitra Barrett

This hairstyle is a nicely and sharply cut bob that touches the collar bone right below the neck. This hairstyle is simple and beautiful and is also easy to manage. It also has a blunt cut which is great! Bobs like these can also have layers, which can aid in protecting your hair. You can contact Kanitra at Micah Thomas Studios located at 3273 Salem Rd. Covington,Ga. 30016, or give her a call at (678) 413-2500

02. Long Hairstyle with Soft Curls from Tiffany Cunningham

This hairstyle is simple and great for people who need a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and that will also last for quite a while. To obtain these soft curls, simply put your hair in rollers and either sit under a hair dryer for about and hour or you can use no heat and sleep overnight with the rollers in your hair. When you take out the rollers you should have really tight curls, but your can loosen them by simply using your fingers to separate them and pull them down gently or you can use a brush to smooth them out and calm them down. you can contact Tiffany at Tiffany’s Beauty Garage in Ellenwood GA or call her at (404) 543-8382

03. Long Curly Hairstyle with Curls and Hair Color from Evonda Crittenden

This hairstyle is similar to #9, but this hairstyle is more relaxed. Once again this hairstyle is perfect for people who need a hair-do that will last for a while. In order to achieve this look simply take a small to medium section of your hair and wrap it around a flexi rod. Secure or close the flexi rod by bending it inward so that both ends of the rod are almost touching. Leave your hair in these for a few hours or sleep in them, but it depends how tight you want your curls to be. Remove the rods and enjoy your new curls. No hassle = no stress and no heat = no damage, which is great! You can contact Evonda at Miss Malibu Hair Salon located at 2121 S.48 STREET SUITE 102, TEMPE AZ 85282 or call her at (480)232-2239

04. Long and Luscious Straight Hairstyle from Erma Stephens

This hairstyle is quite simple and is perfect for people who love long silky hair with layers. In order to achieve this hairstyle simply cut layers into your hair. More specifically, start at the bottom of your hair and cut a little bit, then move a little up near your neck and cut a little more and keep going upwards and cutting little by little until you get to your bangs. When you finish you should have thicker and fuller looking hair now that you have layers. Also create a middle part by using a small-toothed comb. You could also use a flat iron on low heat to slightly curl in the ends of your hair to add a little style. At night wrap your hair to protect the style and keep it fresh for the next day. you can contact Erma at Head’s Above Hair Salon in Crestview FL, or call her at (850) 244-3297

05. Beautiful Straight Bob Hairstyle from Paula Russell

This hairstyle is a blunt cut and is extremely stylish and is perfect for people with short hair. Using some hair-styling sciccors, cut some bung that will touch your eyebrows. Then slightly trim the bangs by cutting vertically with the sciccors in order to prevent a blunt-looking cut. Then simply comb the rest of your hair to the sides of your face. At night, don’t forget to wrap the style to keep it fresh!

06. Long Hairstyle with Layers and Highlights from Tadessa Hart

This hairstyle is a medium length and is extremely beautiful. Simply create a middle part using a small comb and comb your hair by the side of your face and using a flat iron on low heat curl the ends of your hair outwards in the opposite direction of your face and comb them to smooth out the style. Simple and fast! This style should last you a month or two depending on how you care for it. Always remember to wrap it at night and moisturize it.

07. Short Blunt Haircut with Layers from LaRhonda Fields

This style is different and unique and is perfect for people with short hair. At the top of your hair near the middle of your scalp use a flat iron on low heat and iron the hair. When your finish, tease the top of your hair so it has volume and kind of sticks out a tiny bit. For your bangs, simply take the flat iron and iron this part of your hair, but make sure to sweep it to the side to create a unique style. Quick and easy!

08. Medium Length Haircut with Hair Color from Karline Ricketts

This style is also for people with hair that is medium length. Use a flat iron on low heat and curl the ends of your hair in towards your neck. Then comb down your bangs and create side bangs by using the flat iron to sweep them toward the sides, outward. This hairstyle only takes five minutes! Wow! The layers will surely help to keep hair protected. You can contact Karline at Karline’s Salon located at 2161 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, Suite 206 West Palm Beach, Florida or call her at (561) 471-0900

09. Side Swept- Medium Hairstyle from Tammy Herod

This hairstyle is similar to #3. Simply do the same to the ends of your hair: curl them inward. Then you can take random pieces around your hair if your like and curl them in an outward direction away from your face! Then take your bands and side-sweep them again by using the flat iron and ironing them away from your face. This style is also quick and easy like the last one! Don’t forget to wrap it at night to keep it looking amazing! You can contact Tammy at Tammy’s Hair Gallery located at 2508 University Ave. Oxford, MS 38655 or call her at (662) 236-2008

10. Alviena Middleton’s Red Pompadour Short Haircut with Hair Color

This hairstyle is by far the most unique out of the bunch! It’s great because it’s easy to create and it stays out of your face! Simply take your bangs and the rest of your hair on top of your hair and sweep it back. You can use rollers for the top of your head and then remove them to maintain that curly swept back up-do look or you can use a flat iron and curly your air backwards. You can also either gel down the sides of your hair or shave it off. Simple and different! You can reach Alviena at Blue Velvet Hair Studio located at 13600 Baltimore Ave. Suite 140, Laurel, MD 20707 or call her at (443) 744-5860

Once again, we would like to thank our style editor Jackie Evans from All About You Hair Salon in Peoria AZ for compiling this information as well as this hairstyle list. You can contact Jackie at (623) 334-8855 

Overall, hair is important to everybody because it is what makes us different and unique! Treat your hair well because it is one of the many things that makes you one-of-a-kind!

7 Hot and Trendy Black Hairstyles for Going Back to School

August 19, 2014 in Hairstyle News

With all the school supplies carefully selected to match the list and scale inside the backpack, it is now time to spend time trying different hairstyles perfectly suited for back to school. If drifting into monotony with early hairstyles is causing boredom, quite a few back to school hairstyles described below surely will not border on dullness. Successful back to school hairstyles will offer beautiful contrast with both a degree of comfort and attractiveness. Assembling the hair requires patience and careful evaluation which should also take into account the time needed to do it on a daily basis. For example, a hairstyle that is pinned with volume takes less than 5 minutes. All you need is a few bobby pins, comb and a hair spray.
Kid’s hairstyles depend on many factors. Side ponytails, for instance depends on the length of the hair. A curling iron and a soft hair ribbon will do the job quickly and easily.

We asked one of the most published cosmetologists who specialize in black hairstyles, Mrs. Erma Stephens from Head’s Above Hair Studio in Crestview FL, to look through our gallery of over 5,000 hairstyles and showcase the top hairstyle trends that people will be wearing when they make that trek back to school on the first day. We are so honored to have such a wide variety of kid’s hairstyles to choose from and we want to thank all of the talented cosmetologist that created all of these beautiful hairstyles.  A very special thanks goes out to the cosmetologist who created these back to school hairstyles, Kanitra Barrett, Shakia Allen, Paulette Edwards, Lacey Singleton and Tawanna Robinson Thomas. Check out our list and let us know how you like Mrs. Stephen’s choices.

Elegant Kid’s Hairstyle from Kanitra Barrett

This elegant kid’s hairstyle from Kanitra Barrett is perfect for that very first day.  It gives the entire school that perfect first impression. If you would like more information about this hairstyle or if you want to contact Kanitra, she’s at Micah Thomas Studios,3273 Salem Rd.Covington,Ga. 30016 Phone: (678) 413-2500

Medium Kid’s Hairstyle with Blue Accent Piece from Kanitra Barrett

This flowing medium length kid’s hairstyle is also from the talented Kanitra Barrett from Micah Thomas Studios. Kanitra is one of the most published hairstylist in the Atlanta GA area. You should definitely give her a call if you are ever in her area.

100% Virgin Blowout Kid’s Hairstyle from Tawanna Robinson Thomas

This black hairstyle was created by  Fayetteville NC cosmetologist Tawanna Robinson Thomas. It has excellent light brown highlights located at the very front on the side bangs. This helps to add length to a hairstyle that is fairly short. This means that you can have the elegance of a longer hairstyle while still having the easy to take care of attributes of a shorter hairstyle. Ms. Robinson-Thomas can be reached at Girl, What’s Your Style?,861 Ridge Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28311. You can also give her a call at (910) 476-4721

A Young Girl’s “Pretty in Pink” Spunky Hairstyle from Shakia Allen

Beaufort SC cosmetologist added some pink highlights to add a little flare to this pressed look in order to compliment the model’s personality. Make sure to add a smoothing product to the hair to prevent frizz throughout the day. You can contact Shakia at 10 Gems Salon 2303 Boundary St. Sea Square, Suite 5 Beaufort, SC 29902. You can also give her a call at (843) 521-4367

Paulette Edwards’ Long Hairstyle for Kids – Twisted Half Updo

This hairstyle is a version of the twisted half updo, and is great for a kid who likes long hairstyles! It is also one of the best black hairstyles for kids. Paulette Edwards from Ultimate Creations in Beaufort SC created this beautiful doo. You can contact Paulette at Ultimate Creations, 128 Burton Hill Rd. Suite F, Beaufort, SC 29906, or give her a call at (843)522-2939

Lacey Singleton’s Natural Puff with a Twist Hairstyle

Savannah GA cosmetology Lacey Singleton created this lovely kid’s hairstyle. This is one of many beautiful black hairstyles that is a great option for kids who want to look charming without spending hours in front of the mirror. If you have any questions about this kid’s look or if you want to contact Lacey, she’s at Upscale Hair Salon, 1708 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA, 31401 or you can call her at (912) 232-5206.

Natural Twists For African American Kids from Shakia Allen

This last hairstyle is also from Beaufort SC cosmetologist Shakia Allen. Stylist start this hairdo by thoroughly shampooing the child’s hair and using a good moisturizing conditioner. Black hairstyles don’t have to be an all day affair or irritating event for children. The style in the picture is a two strand twist covering the entire head.

Well there you have it, our list of the 7 hottest trend setting hairstyles for kids going back to school.  We want to thank our style editor Erma Stephens for doing the work to narrow down the top hairstyles from our gallery of over 5,000 hairstyles. if you have any questions, you can reach Erma Stephens at Heads Above Hair Salon in Crestview FL. You can contact her at (850) 244-3297


Choose the Best Total Look from our Charlotte NC Photo Shoot

August 19, 2014 in Hairstyle News

This week’s contest is featuring some stunning black hairstyles from our Charlotte NC photo shoot. We are blessed to have worked with some of the most talented cosmetologist and hairstyle models in the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. These black hairstyles represent some of the most fashion forward and trendsetting artwork in the industry. All aspects of hairstyling have been covered, from short haircuts and mid-length bobs to bold hair color and long flowing curls. Dre’ Ramseur Blanton, Deanna Burton and Shauna Robinson created some very elegant and trendy artwork that will no doubt grace the pages of some of the most prestigious hair publications around the world.
Dre’ Ramseur Blanton from Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon on Collins Aikman Dr. created a Bold Caramelized Retro Bob Hairstyle that exemplifies style and grace. Deanna Burton from John O’Brien Hair Salon in Statesville NC created this Twisted Visions, Curl and Color that combines natural curls with bold hair color. Finally, Shauna Robinson from Salon Cheveux Int’l. designed four beautiful hairstyles ranging from her short Tapered Purple Reign Short Hairstyle with Color and Bob Life Pink Fusion Hairstyle, to her Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle with Hair Color and her Long Blue Moon Curly Hairstyle.
Look over each hairstyle and click the button ABOVE the models name. Then click the VOTE button at the bottom of the article. Good Luck everyone.

Choose the Best Total Look from our Charlotte NC Photo Shoot

  • Alicia
    (53%, 78 Votes)
  • Keyonna
    (21%, 31 Votes)
  • Shauna
    (18%, 27 Votes)
  • Taccarra
    (3%, 5 Votes)
  • Ashley
    (3%, 4 Votes)
  • Tammy
    (2%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 147

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if you would like to contact any of these talented cosmetologist, their information is below.

Dre’ Ramseur Blanton
Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon
520 Collins Aikman Drive
Studio E205
Charlotte NC 28262
Phone: 980-219-8464 or 704-726-5467

Deanna Burton
John O’Brien
435 South Center Street
Stateville, NC 28677
Phone: (704) 872-2499

Shauna Robinson
Salon Cheveux Intl.
20306 N. Main Street
Charlotte, NC 28031
Phone: (404) 787-6545
Cell: (704) 612-0333

Universal Salons Gets Two Half Pages in the Sept./Oct. Issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide

August 18, 2014 in Hairstyle News

Sophisticates-October-2014-CoverRecently two of the professional black hair salons that participate in our hair salon photo shoots were featured in the prestigious Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide in their September / October issue.  Both Nancy Hamilton of Lady of Grace Hair Salon in Peoria Arizona and Alvienia Middleton of Blue Velvet Hair Studio in Laurel MD had their hairstyles published in this issue. Not only did these talented cosmetologist get published in the new issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide but they both received half page spreads. Universal Salons gets hundreds of hairstyles and cosmetologist published in some of the largest hair publications in the world every year. when you get a chance give these talented ladies a call and congratulate them on their accomplishments. these are the hairstyles that were featured…

Nancy Hamilton’s Natural, Curly Hairstyle with Hair Color

You can reach Nancy Hamilton at Lady of Grace Hair Salon in Peoria AZ. or call her @ (623) 487-5355

Alvienia Middleton’s Autumn Flare Short Haircut with Hair Color

You can reach Alvienia Middleton at blue Velvet Hair Studio in Laurel MD. or call her @ (443) 744-5860

Shauna Robinson’s Long Blue Moon Curly Hairstyle

August 14, 2014 in Black Hairstyles For 2014, Curly Hairstyles Gallery, Extensions Gallery, Highlights Hairstyles, Long Hairstyles Gallery, Salon Cheveux Intl, SHAUNA ROBINSON

Salon: Salon Cheveux Int’l
Stylist: Shauna Robinson
Model: Shauna

If you want romantic beach waves, this hairstyle is easy to achieve. It will give you a look that will say that you’re casually enjoying life. To get your beach waves that has an electrifying bolts of blue color, simply follow the steps:

01. To start with, shampoo and condition your hair with a non-sulfate shampoo.

02. Now divide you’re here into four sections. Use a butterfly clip to hold off three sections so that you can work with one section. 

03. Next line make a loose braid and fasten your hair with a safe elastic.

04. Repeat this step for the remaining three sections.

05. Go under a soft bonnet dryer and let your hair fully dry. 

06. When your hair has finished drying gently loosen your braids. 

07. Use your fingers and not a comb to softly loosen your hair. Notice the soft waves?

08. Now it’s time to apply icing to the proverbial cake.

09. Use a temporary electric blue color to streak your hair. 

Now you have loose be beach waves with a bolt of blue!

Vote for the Best Hairstyle from our Ft. Walton Beach, FL Photo Shoot

August 8, 2014 in Hairstyle News, Uncategorized

UniiversalSalons.Com LOVES the cosmetology industry. Everything we do is designed to increase the exposure of the thousands of professional cosmetologist that work with us. For the last 15 years we have been honored to lead the web in representing the talented artwork of black hairstyles from professional black hair salons.  this week our poll is featuring eight hairstyles from our Ft. walton Beach, FL photo shoot.  Though  the shoot took place in Florida, there were some salons participating from as far away as Alabama. Pamela Webster from Greg’s Professional Barber and Beauty Salon gave us three elegant back to school hairstyles.  Erma stephens from Head’s Above Hair Studio in Crestview, FL added to those looks with four beautiful black hairstyles of her own. Added to that are two new doos from Godly Image Hair Salon cosmetologist’s ashley Coutain and Marie Coleus. Universal Salons would also like to take this time to welcome our newest professional, Amber Mcclain who contributed two elegant hairstyles of her own.

Look through the gallery of images below and vote for the hairstyle you like the best by clicking the button ABOVE the image.  Also, don’t forget to click the VOTE button at the bottom of the page. good luck to everyone.

Choose the "Best Total Look" from our Ft. Walton Beach, FL Photo Shoot

  • Tytianna
    (26%, 10 Votes)
  • Elizabeth
    (23%, 9 Votes)
  • Kyla
    (15%, 6 Votes)
  • Adrienne
    (10%, 4 Votes)
  • Edwina
    (10%, 4 Votes)
  • Benvinda
    (8%, 3 Votes)
  • DeAnndra
    (5%, 2 Votes)
  • Amber
    (3%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 39

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Pamela Webster’s “Twist with a Dry Wave” and Braids Hairstyle

August 7, 2014 in Black Hairstyles For 2014, Braids Hairstyles Gallery, Extensions Gallery, GREG'S PROFESSIONAL BARBER & BEAUTY SALON, PAMELA WEBSTER, Teen Hairstyles Gallery

Salon: Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon
Stylist: Pamela Webster
Model: Elizabeth

There are many gorgeous black hairstyles that modern women of color can adorn in their hair. This hairstyle here is a perfect example of one of the many intricate African American hairstyles that can be done at a variety of black hair salons. Part of her hair looks like an elegant wavy braid, lose enough that it cascades over her shoulders, but styled enough so it stays in place. The other half is covered in intricate braided patterns, traveling around that part of her head to the base of her skull. The is the perfect hairstyle if you want sophistication with a bit of personality.

Amber McClain’s “Black China” Long Hairstyle with Highlights and Extensions

August 7, 2014 in Amber McClain, Black Hairstyles For 2014, Extensions Gallery, Highlights Hairstyles, Long Hairstyles Gallery, The Cut Barbershop

Salon: The Cut Barbershop
Stylist: Amber McClain
Model: Amber

Not all African American hairstyles have to be high maintenance, many of them are simple and easy to maintain due to clean lines and style. This hairstyle that is especially geared towards black hair is one of these simple but elegant dos. Black hair salons offering this style will begin by frosting the top portion of the hair. Because of the way this style lays, only a few small sections on the top need to be dyed a lighter shade and those strands will fan out and naturally fade into the natural hair color. The only other aspects that are needed to achieve this stunning look are a straightening and a simple full long cut with blunt bangs.

Pamela Webster’s Blow Out Silking with a Bun Hairstyle

August 6, 2014 in GREG'S PROFESSIONAL BARBER & BEAUTY SALON, PAMELA WEBSTER, Uncategorized, Updo's Hairstyle Gallery

Salon: Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon
Stylist: Pamela Webster
Model: Taylor

This is a very clean looking black hairstyle. This hairstyle can be achieved by simply pressing one’s hair in order to achieve straight hair. The hair can then be wrapped into a large band, and twisted in order to achieve the styled bun that really makes these black hairstyles. The bun can then be secured with bins and bands in order to make sure it last all day. This hairstyle can be specifically cut in a salon, and many people are able to achieve it with their natural hair. It is also a great way to shorten a hairstyle without having to cut it off.

Amber McClain’s “Pretty Pony” Ponytail Hairstyle

August 6, 2014 in Amber McClain, Black Hairstyles For 2014, Extensions Gallery, Long Hairstyles Gallery, Ponytail Hairstyles Gallery, The Cut Barbershop

Salon: The Cut Barbershop
Stylist: Amber Mcclain
Model: Stacey

This is a great hairstyle that features a unique tieback that works very well for black hairstyles. The front of the hairstyle has flirty bangs that do not hide a person’s face. African American hairstyles like this one are very easy to put in, and it possible to keep it in place with very little work. Black hair salons can also cut this hairstyle so that it has the exact kind of low sides that really make this hairstyle work. This hairstyle features an excellent ponytail bun that is able to improve one’s height, and really help the back long back to work.

Beautiful Braid with Beach Waves Hairstyle from Pamela Webster

August 6, 2014 in Braids Hairstyles Gallery, GREG'S PROFESSIONAL BARBER & BEAUTY SALON, Hair Color, PAMELA WEBSTER, Updo's Hairstyle Gallery

Salon: Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon
Stylist: Pamela Webster
Model: Edwina

Black hairstyles like this are gorgeous, and they are ideal for both silky smooth hair and wild natural curls. The look features a tight French braid along the side of the head starting just above the outside corner of the eye. It begins tight and moves diagonally to the side as it winds towards the back. The braid finishes in a corkscrew bun braided into a conch shell at the nape of the neck. The front bands feature loose beach waves tucked behind the ear. Black hair salons should have no problem with these African American hairstyles inspired by this look.

Erma Stephens “Kinky Queen” Hairstyles for Natural Hair

August 6, 2014 in Black Hairstyles For 2014, Curly Hairstyles Gallery, ERMA STEPHENS, HEAD`S ABOVE, Natural Hairstyles Gallery

Salon: Heads Above Hair Salon
Stylist: Erma Stephens
Model: DeAnndra

The way this hairstyle frames her face, allows her features to be complimented. To get the full look just as the model in the photo, you have to first take pieces of your hair and braid them individually. For most black hairstyles, it is imperative to add moisturizers so that your hair has a natural shine and remains healthy. You can wrap your hair once all of the pieces are braided tightly and after about an hour, let down your hair and you’ll have amazing waves.This hairstyle was created by Master Cosmetologist Erma Stephens from Head’s Above Hair Salon in crestview FL.

Sunkissed Beauty Waves Long Curly Hairstyle from Erma Stephens

August 6, 2014 in Black Hairstyles For 2014, Curly Hairstyles Gallery, ERMA STEPHENS, Hairstyles Gallery, HEAD`S ABOVE, Highlights Hairstyles, Long Hairstyles Gallery

Salon: Heads Above Hair Salon
Stylist: Erma Stephens
Model: Benvinda

There’s something appealing about curly hairstyles that have a look as though you’re just getting out of the shower. The way the curls highlight the hair color makes a woman that much more irresistible. Most African Americans may think they can’t pull off an amazing look because of their hair texture, when actually its simple. Black hairstyles are the easiest because the texture locks in moisture. Just remember to add mousse to your freshly washed hair, apply a gel, and using your hands, you can crimp your hair without applying any heat. This will give you a great look and protect your hair from any future damage.

Braided Hairstyle with Hair Color from Ashley Coutain

August 6, 2014 in ASHLEY WHEELER, Black Hairstyles For 2014, Braids Hairstyles Gallery, GODLY IMAGE HAIR STUDIO INC., Hair Color, Long Hairstyles Gallery

Salon: Godly Image Hair Salon
Stylist: Ashley Coutain
Model: Adrienne

This very unique black hairstyles is sure to attract the right kind of attention. The uniquely small braids can be put in by most black hair salons, and they are a great way to add texture to the hairstyle. African American hairstyles that feature brunette dyeing are able to give a lot of depth to the hairstyle, and is able to make the unique features in it really pop out. This hairstyle also is raised on the front, which can greatly help to accentuate the features on the wearer’s face. The large tie back is easy to keep in, and looks great.

Beautiful Natural Hairstyle with Hair Color from Paulette Edwards

August 5, 2014 in Black Hairstyles For 2014, Braids Hairstyles Gallery, Natural Hairstyles Gallery, PAULETTE EDWARDS, Red Hair Color, ULTIMATE CREATIONS

Salon: Ultimate Creations
Stylist: Paulette Edwards
Model: Rachel

It will be easy to stand out amongst many in a crowd with fun and flirty African American hairstyles. You can either attempt to recreate this hairstyle yourself, or you can find many reputable black hair salons in your area. It has been proven that black hairstyles like these are a favorite of many clients. In the illustration, you can see the part starts near her right ear and extends back about an inch. After this step, you’ll want to take some hair spray and apply a light mist to your hair. Continue using your curling iron and you will have beautiful curls as shown.

Elegant Long Ponytail Hairstyle from Marie Coleus

August 5, 2014 in Black Hairstyles For 2014, Extensions Gallery, GODLY IMAGE HAIR STUDIO INC., Long Hairstyles Gallery, Marie Coleus

Salon: Godly Image Hair Studio
Stylist: Marie Coleus
Model: Tytianna

There are many black hairstyles that are a cool and interesting that will make you look good. With this hairstyle you will look very fancy an unique unlike with other ponytails. It may seem like a hard style to pull off and you may need a look for black hair salons near you, but it is much easier than you think.The first thing you do is put most of the hair to one side. Bring the hair that is on the opposite side of your head and twist it around with the rest of your hair. Secure it with a hair tie and you are done. With this done now you can go on and look your best with this fancy new hairstyle.

Universal Salons Gets 19 Hairstyles Published in the August 2014 Issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide

July 29, 2014 in Articles All About You Hair Designs, Hairstyle News, Uncategorized

Sop-aug-2014-001Sophisticates Black Hair styles and Care Guide is a large black hair magazine in the hair industry. Just recently in their newest issue, seven amazing hair salons were featured for their beautiful work from Universal Salons photo shoots. Congratulations to each cosmetologist, Marcus Doss, Nancy Hamilton, Denise Granberry, Fela Minor, Jackie Evans, Katrina Ammons, and Ebony Curtis.

Marcus Doss Salon
Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville NC emphasizes the importance of flowing and gorgeous looking hair. They work especially with hair pieces and weaves.  The owner marcus doss is regularly published is some of the world’s most prestigious black hair magazines.  You can see more of the work from Marcus Doss Salon by clicking on their name or give them a call at (910) 483-3870.

Lady of Grace Salon
Lady of Grace Hair Salon in Peoria AZ caters to a diverse clientele, especially black women. They specialize in medium length bobs and cuts. From straight to curly to wavy hairstyles, this salon varies in a lot of different black hairstyles. Congratulations to this salon for being featured in the Sophisticates Black Hair styles and Care Guide! We wish you all the very best in all that you guys continue to do. For more information about Lady of Grace you can click on the name or call them at (623) 487-5355

L3 Salon
The L3 Salon in Spring Lake NC is yet another amazing salon whose work revolves around African American hairstyles. This salon is known for their beautiful long and curly hairstyles, which they perform on both natural hair and extensions. L3 Salon along with their sister company Global Tresses can also get you the best quality and price when you are shopping for 100% Virgin Malaysian, Brazilian & Peruvian Hair.  Congratulations to this salon for their feature in this black hair magazine! We hope this salon continues to prosper in all that they do. You can see more of L3 Salon’s work by clicking on their name or calling them at (832) 660-7975

Hair and Nailz by Fela
Hair and Nailz by Fela in Laurel MD is both a hair and nail salon that goes above and beyond. In terms of hair, they specialize in cornrows and braids. As for nails, this salon can complete almost any type of nail style. It all depends on what their customers’ desire. We sincerely congratulate you guys for your feature in this magazine and we wish you all the best! check out some other hairstyle by Hair and Nailz by Fela by clicking the name or calling (240) 464-7959.

All About You Hair Designs
Located in Peoria AZ, All About You Hair Designs is another hair location that serves all kind of women, especially African American women. This salon’s work is very unique because they complete many different, unique, and crazy hairstyles from curly mohawks to curly bobs to straight ombre weaves. Congratulations to this salon for its amazing cameo in this magazine! Continue to work hard and please your see more of the hairstyles from All About You Hair Designs you can click on their name or call at (623) 334-8855

A Perfect Image Hair Studio
A Perfect Image Hair Studio in Hampton VA is yet another amazing place where black women can have their hair done. This salon specializes in many short black hairstyles, such as pixie cuts, ombre comb overs, fringe cuts, and bobs with highlights. Congrats to you all for all your work and your beautiful cameo appearance in this black hairstyles magazine. Continue to move forward in all that you guys do! You can see more work from A Perfect Image Hair Studio by clicking on the salon name or calling (757) 262-0021.

A Lady Becoming Salon
This hair studio works mostly with black women who love their hairstyles to be very diverse and unique. Some of their work includes short curly comb overs, tiny and large twists, and more! Congrats to this salon for all their hard work and most importantly, their great feature in the magazine. We hope that your business will continue to grow! To see more work from A Lady Becoming Salon you can click on their name or call (757) 234-1094

All these salons have gone above and beyond in terms of their work and their services to their customers. Congratulations to all of these salons for their wonderful appearances in the Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide magazine! We thank you all for working hard to please your customers and we also thank you for allowing us to work with your style teams. Never stop working hard because you are helping to make a difference in black women’s lives.


Natasha Johnson’s “Blue Indigo” Short Hairstyle

July 29, 2014 in 10 Gems Salon, Black Hairstyles For 2014, Clipper Cut Women's Hairstyles Gallery, Curly Hairstyles Gallery, Hair Color, NATASHA JOHNSON, Short HairstylesGallery

Salon: 10 Gems Salon
Stylist: Natasha Johnson
Model: Ashly

This look is for the ladies that have short hair and want something fun and flirty. For those women who enjoy black hairstyles and short haircuts for women, this is the perfect and easy way to look great with minimal effort. To achieve this look, three things are needed: a brush, a curling iron and hair color. Before styling the hair, dye a small section in the front in your desired color. Then after the dyeing is complete, take the curling iron and gather sections of your hair and curl upwards. Next, brush the bangs over to one side and the look is complete. This is an extremely fun and glitzy look that will be sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

Paulette Edwards “Golden Goddess” Natural, Long, Blow Out Hairstyle with Curls and Hair Color

July 25, 2014 in Black Hairstyles For 2014, Curly Hairstyles Gallery, Hair Color, Long Hairstyles Gallery, Natural Hairstyles Gallery, PAULETTE EDWARDS, ULTIMATE CREATIONS

Salon: Ultimate Creations
Stylist: Paulette Edwards
Model: Alexis

This beautiful black hairstyle was created by Beaufort SC cosmetologist Paulette Edwards.  Whether you are dressing up for a night out, or playing it casual with friends on the weekend, curly hairstyles are the perfect go to. This one in particular works well as hair color styles because it adds dimension. Start by sectioning your hair into a top half and a bottom half. Then pull a section of hair at a time from the bottom and roll in up in a curling iron. Hold for 5-10 seconds, and move on to another section. Once the bottom is complete, move on to the top section the same way. Black hairstyles like this one can be enhanced with shine spray or by adding highlights.

UniversalSalons.Com’s First Ever “BATTLE OF THE CITIES” Hairstyle of the Week!

June 3, 2014 in Articles wave links salon, Hairstyle News

This week we decided to have a little more fun than usual. UniversalSalons.Com is recognized as the worldwide leader in black hairstyles galleries and this week we’re showcasing our newest hairstyle trends. We’re featuring beautiful hairstyles from the Tampa, FL and Fayetteville, NC areas. These hairstyles were created by an exceptional accumulation of talented cosmetologist from some of the top hair salons in North Carolina and Florida. Not only are these hairstyles available for the poll, they are also on the cutting edge for hot looks in the summer 2014 season. So while you’re voting, make sure you take time to search for your perfect vacation hairstyle.

This week when you vote for your favorite look, the home city for the hair salon that created the look will get a vote as well. So each vote for your favorite hairstyle will be a vote for that hairstyle and the home city of that particular hair salon. Look over all of the hairstyles featured in the poll below and click on the circle ABOVE the model you choose. Make sure you click the VOTE button at the bottom of the poll.

Good luck to all of our talented cosmetologist and models… Clarese Andrews, Denise Granberry, Stacy Viktora, Fredricka Taylor, Deirdre Clay, Marcus Doss, Quanshanna Lewis, Tawanna Robinson-Thomas, Leslie Boykin, Cora Saxton. Terrill Allison, Ms. Kriss, Micheline Barber, Shanna Cato, Felicia “Potege” Bristol and Ife’ Davis-Bailey.


Choose the Top Hairstyle form our "Battle of the Cities" Fayetteville NC and Tampa FL Photo Shoots

  • Niurka
    (35%, 16 Votes)
  • Chalencia
    (15%, 7 Votes)
  • Stacy
    (7%, 3 Votes)
  • Shonda
    (4%, 2 Votes)
  • Ashley
    (4%, 2 Votes)
  • Clarese
    (4%, 2 Votes)
  • Cardia
    (4%, 2 Votes)
  • Venita
    (4%, 2 Votes)
  • Kaylie
    (4%, 2 Votes)
  • Quanshanna
    (4%, 2 Votes)
  • Leslie
    (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Sharitta
    (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Christine
    (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Che'
    (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Grissell
    (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Erika
    (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Deina
    (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Nadia
    (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Quetta
    (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Kawuan
    (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Nasiria
    (0%, 0 Votes)
  • La'Quasha
    (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Cora
    (3%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 46

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Universal Salons Gets 33 Models Published in the May 2014 Issue of Sophisticates black Hair Styles and care Guide

April 15, 2014 in Hairstyle News

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to all of the talented cosmetologist featured in the May 2014 issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. Constance Yvette Purnell, Marie Ferguson, Rasheeda Berry, Latasha Carroll, Courtney Garcia, Staci Bradshaw, GlobalTresses Denise, Brittany Anderson, Tiffany Jones, Ms. Jackee, Carita Mickle, Sharlotte Shae Galloway-Thompson, Ashley Wheeler, Victoria Peele, Paula Russell, Nakia Boykin, LaRhonda Fields, Sarah Jenkins, Katrina Ammons, Lacheryl Melvin-Leophart, Teneica Donald, Julie Hickson-Dupree, Regina Conely, Tammy B. Herod, Dezjuan Jackson, Shalonda Peachlyn, Kevin Daniel Price, Chandra Peak.

To gain recognition, a sophisticated clientele base, a profitable career and job security being a cosmetologist and dealing in black hairstyles is not an easy endeavor. There are significant barriers to success in this field. Talent is a necessary requirement, but strong determination and business acumen is also required. Being able to collaborate with industry leaders, both in professionally presenting your service and building it into a business are necessary contacts that will take an undeveloped cosmetologist in the black hairstyles industry years to make.

Universal Salons gives motivated stylist these exact opportunities. Thirty-three examples are featured in the highly anticipated May 2014 issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. Beyond the immense benefit of the exposure given to participating stylists, value is also gained in the other benefits that opportunities of this magnitude entail. One such opportunity is the chance to work with Chip Foust. Mr. Foust is the industry leader in hair photography. He has been featured in timeless publications like Newsweek, Ebony, Essence and Jet , Hype Hair and Sophisticated Black Styles. Chip Foust’s input and personal wealth of information cannot be understated. As the founder of Universal Hair Style and Salon Guide and Universalsalons.Com, he is personally invested in participant’s success.

Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide

Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide
Picture 1 of 32

Cosmetologist also receive a make-up design team of industry leading artist. Each make-up artist is nationally recognized and published in top magazines regularly. A multi-page presence on a web site that receives over 2.4 million hits monthly is the type of exposure that can turn hair salons into thriving businesses, and by participating in a Universal Salons photo shoot; there is a separate page for the stylist, the salon and the hairstyle.

Inclusion in the next issue of the Universal Salons and Hair Styles Guide is guaranteed, but Universal Salons goes a step further by providing stylists with a Hi Res Cd and by submitting their work for consideration in other major industry publications. By building a professional and well-produced portfolio with Universal Salons, the stylists who work in black hairstyles and other hairstyles will attract clients who value appearance and who can afford high-end professional salons. 

Long Curly Hairstyle with Highlights from Tammy Herod

March 11, 2014 in Black Hairstyles For 2014, Curly Hairstyles Gallery, Highlights Hairstyles, Long Hairstyles Gallery, TAMMY B. HEROD, TAMMY`S HAIR GALLERY


Hairstylist: TAMMY B. HEROD

Model: Laqueda T

LaQueda T. is fortunate to have found a consummate professional in her hair designer, Tammy Herod. Tammy has been styling hair for over two decades and prides herself on keeping up-to-date with all the latest styles and styling products. Hair extensions are all the rage these days and Tammy is on top of the game with the style she has given model LaQueda T.

This curly long hair style looks great from every angle. The hair extensions are seamlessly woven into LaQueda’s own hair and the curls fall beautifully over her shoulders and down her back to create a romantic, sexy look. Using her favorite styling products, Dudley’s Fantastic Body Setting Lotion and Dudley’s Total Control Styling Spray, Tammy has created a look for LaQueda that is both natural and beautiful while keeping the hair’s shape and body.

This long hair style transitions well from daytime to evening and always looks fantastic whether you are wearing business attire or meeting your friends after work for a few drinks and some lively conversation.


Updo Hairstyle with a Raised Braid from Kenya Rodgers

March 10, 2014 in Black Hairstyles For 2014, Braids Hairstyles Gallery, KENYA RODGERS, KENYA’S CREATIONS, Updo's Hairstyle Gallery




Danielle’s updo with a raised braid was crafted and designed by professional stylist Kenya Rodgers. Danielle requested a versatile updo with a raised braid and Kenya designed the perfect hairstyle to suit Danielle’s needs. The sleek style with prominent parts and an exquisite raised braid adds flair to an otherwise ordinary updo. This style is glamorous enough for a night on the town, yet versatile enough that Danielle can pull it off as an everyday style. Raised braids take a bit of time to perfect; though, once the style has been created and set, only a few touch-ups are needed to keep this style looking fresh. Danielle can manage her style at home in just a few minutes with the help of styling products that she already uses every day.


Short Haircut with Hair Color and Flips from Kenya Rodgers

March 10, 2014 in Clipper Cut Women's Hairstyles Gallery, Highlights Hairstyles, KENYA RODGERS, KENYA’S CREATIONS, Short HairstylesGallery




Kenya Rodgers is an up and coming hairstylist who is on the cutting edge of the innovative new short style hair styles many women wear. This very imaginative and talented hairstylist owns her own salon and has been featured in many magazines. Those thinking about trying a short style hairdo or even a marcel style should consider visiting this hairstylist popular salon.

Novilla T is modeling one of Kenya Rodgers fabulous short style hair designs which is sure to get plenty of attention. The style is a more modern take on the marcel style that was very fashionable a few decades ago. The style has been updated to look fresh and contemporary.


Stephanie Cameron Dailey’s Short Haircut with Pompador Hairstyle

March 10, 2014 in Clipper Cut Women's Hairstyles Gallery, Short HairstylesGallery, STEPHANIE CAMERON-DAILEY



Shiana’s hair is styled very well. When first looked at, it resembles that of an updo. Then when a good 360 view of the black hairstyle is shown, it is actually a short haircut in the back. The color of the hair is a midnight shimmering jet black. The front shapes into a high pompadour which is very chic and fashion forward. The pompadour in the front of the head, also gives a sassy new look to a traditional short haircut. It is really a summer ready hairstyle because; it is cut just above the nape of the neckline. This hairstyle is also great because it draws attention to the back because instead of the hair being all one length it is in layers.


Tammy Herrod’s Men’s Braids Hairstyle

March 10, 2014 in Braids Hairstyles Gallery, Men's Hairstyles Gallery, TAMMY B. HEROD, TAMMY`S HAIR GALLERY

Hairstylist: TAMMY B. HEROD
Model: Basil R

Tammy Herod has been in business as a owner and stylist in Oxford, Mississippi for more than 20 years. Tammy’s goal with each client is to help them achieve healthy and manageable hair. Tammy’s mom played a great role into how she has established herself in the hair business. One of Tammy’s specializes are “sisterlocks/brotherlocks” also known as dreadlocks, which can be seen on Basil R. Basil dreadlocks are natural and free of harsh chemicals. With proper care from his stylist Tammy, Basil dreadlocks have grown long and healthy. Around his hairline Tammy has given Basil a smooth line up; that runs into his facial hair.


Updo’s with Twist Curls and Hair Color from Rashida Walker

March 10, 2014 in Black Hairstyles For 2014, Curly Hairstyles Gallery, Highlights Hairstyles, Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology / Rock Hill, SC, RASHIDA WALKER, Twist Hairstyles Gallery, Updo's Hairstyle Gallery

Salon: Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology / Rock Hill, SC



Bridgette H. is a fun, lively, free-spirited outgoing person. She is always aware of the latest hairstyles and makeup by engaging in today’s popular and trendy fashions. Her favorite hairstyle for going out with friends after a long weekend is a spiral curls updo. Her long hair has beautiful naturally highlighted color with chestnut and ginger which complement her personality and skin. This updo can last as long as Bridgette decides to leave it up, or she can let each spiral curls ringlet down to frame her face to show the vibrant intensity of color in her hair. To set her unique spiral curls style apart from others, she showcases the rich color in her long hair into an updo with a side sweep bang.