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Universal Salons Gets 33 Models Published in the May 2014 Issue of Sophisticates black Hair Styles and care Guide

April 15, 2014 in Hairstyle News

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to all of the talented cosmetologist featured in the May 2014 issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. Constance Yvette Purnell, Marie Ferguson, Rasheeda Berry, Latasha Carroll, Courtney Garcia, Staci Bradshaw, GlobalTresses Denise, Brittany Anderson, Tiffany Jones, Ms. Jackee, Carita Mickle, Sharlotte Shae Galloway-Thompson, Ashley Wheeler, Victoria Peele, Paula Russell, Nakia Boykin, LaRhonda Fields, Sarah Jenkins, Katrina Ammons, Lacheryl Melvin-Leophart, Teneica Donald, Julie Hickson-Dupree, Regina Conely, Tammy B. Herod, Dezjuan Jackson, Shalonda Peachlyn, Kevin Daniel Price, Chandra Peak.

To gain recognition, a sophisticated clientele base, a profitable career and job security being a cosmetologist and dealing in black hairstyles is not an easy endeavor. There are significant barriers to success in this field. Talent is a necessary requirement, but strong determination and business acumen is also required. Being able to collaborate with industry leaders, both in professionally presenting your service and building it into a business are necessary contacts that will take an undeveloped cosmetologist in the black hairstyles industry years to make.

Universal Salons gives motivated stylist these exact opportunities. Thirty-three examples are featured in the highly anticipated May 2014 issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. Beyond the immense benefit of the exposure given to participating stylists, value is also gained in the other benefits that opportunities of this magnitude entail. One such opportunity is the chance to work with Chip Foust. Mr. Foust is the industry leader in hair photography. He has been featured in timeless publications like Newsweek, Ebony, Essence and Jet , Hype Hair and Sophisticated Black Styles. Chip Foust’s input and personal wealth of information cannot be understated. As the founder of Universal Hair Style and Salon Guide and Universalsalons.Com, he is personally invested in participant’s success.

Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide

Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide
Picture 1 of 32

Cosmetologist also receive a make-up design team of industry leading artist. Each make-up artist is nationally recognized and published in top magazines regularly. A multi-page presence on a web site that receives over 2.4 million hits monthly is the type of exposure that can turn hair salons into thriving businesses, and by participating in a Universal Salons photo shoot; there is a separate page for the stylist, the salon and the hairstyle.

Inclusion in the next issue of the Universal Salons and Hair Styles Guide is guaranteed, but Universal Salons goes a step further by providing stylists with a Hi Res Cd and by submitting their work for consideration in other major industry publications. By building a professional and well-produced portfolio with Universal Salons, the stylists who work in black hairstyles and other hairstyles will attract clients who value appearance and who can afford high-end professional salons. 

The Hot New Hair Styles for Summer 2012 Are Here from Fayetteville NC L3 Salon

January 11, 2014 in Hairstyle News

Denise-Granberry06012012-(4)Do you want a brand new hair style for Summer 2012? The new hair styles from L3 Salon are here. Take a look around and see what the top Fayetteville NC hair salon is offering.

You will find the new hair styles available from L3 Salon are just what you are looking for. You might want a style with longer curls for a softer romantic air. You might want an asymmetrical style that comes longer on the right side than the left. You might want a style that combines a high up-do with some coming down in back. Short hair is not left behind with nice crops and style to make you look good throughout the summer months. These are just three of the options available in our 2012 collection.

As the top Fayetteville NC hair salon, L3 is here to help you find the style to make your summer rock. Warm summer months offer you the chance to explore new style options. When you are wearing a light summer dress, do you want a softer hair style or one with an edge? Summer is a great time to experiment with hair styles. With our 2012 collection, you will find a new style to make your summer extra special.

You can reach the talented cosmetologist at L3 Salon here…

L 3 Salon
410 N. Lillington Hwy 10
Spring Lake, NC  28303
Phone: (832) 660-7975




Wave Links Hair Studio Releases Their New Hair Style Collection

January 11, 2014 in Articles wave links salon, Hairstyle News, Uncategorized

When looking for a Fayetteville NC hair salon, Wave Links Salon is an excellent choice. The new style collection from this salon can turn bland hair into fabulous hair. Wave Links specializes in black hair styles and knows exactly what will work for your hair type.The new style collection features several different styles that can work for any texture of hair. The first look shows off soft ringlet curls that frame the face. A few highlights will add a little pop of color to this style. The newest black hair styles start out with a straight, blunt and sleek look that falls right above the eyes. Those looking for medium length hair may want to try out a sleek, wavy style that parts to the side. Extremely short and curly hair looks fabulous with a little color, such as orange added on top. Short spiked hair in the back with long layers in the front is a unique style that can only be pulled off by those that are looking for something a little different. Other looks include short bobs and medium-length curls that are swept back.

Fayetteville NC hair salon, Wave Links, can work with clients to bring them the ideal hair styles for their personality. In addition to the new collection, professional stylists can come up with unique designs that will give you a whole new look.


You can contact the talented cosmetologist at Wave Links Hair Studio with the following information…

Phone: (910) 864-8777


Halle Berry’s Short and Sassy Hairstyle

January 11, 2014 in Celebrity Hairstyles, Hairstyle News, Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has always been an empress of style, beauty and class. A lot of women may feel a bit apprehensive about experimenting with short hair styles, or donning shorter natural hair styles. Halle Berry has proven that women can look just as sexy with short hair as with long styles.

In fact, short hair styles can be even more flattering than long ones, and don’t require nearly as much maintenance. Black hair styles are often worn long with the implement of weave or a relaxer, but wearing your hair natural and short can be just as beautiful and unique.When rocking a short style, it’s important to keep it short along the sides and back while maintaining length on the top and front. This creates a streamlined effect that will look elegant and seductive. The neck will look longer and the features of the face will be more pronounced. A short style like Halle’s isn’t for the meek. You won’t be able to hide behind long tendrils, and you won’t be able to rely on a quick ponytail or up do when you don’t feel like dealing with your hair.


However, with very short hair styles, it’s possible to do a quick shampoo, conditioning and be ready to go. Like other black hair styles, you don’t want to over-wash your hair because it will lose crucial oils and dry out. If you shampoo every other day and apply a strong leave-in conditioner, you won’t have to fuss with it. Your hair should look fresh, cute and stylish, even through intense humidity.

Halle Berry’s look at the Jenesse Silver Rose Awards Gala is sassy and glamorous. This tussled look is simple to achieve with a bit of product and a flat iron, if your hair isn’t naturally straight or relaxed. Just shape the top and tease it a bit to give it more volume.

Hair styles that are on the shorter side are also great for rocking accessories. Short hair opens up your neck and shoulders so that you can wear elaborate necklaces and scarfs. Long, dangling earrings are also easy to showcase with short hair. To add a bit of glam to a short and simple style, try tying or pinning a pretty ribbon throughout your hair. Unique combs and hair ornaments are also an option. You can step out the door with confidence as you flash your shining embelishments like a modern day geisha.


Don’t Worry About Spring Break – Make it Easy With These Hair Styles

January 11, 2014 in Hairstyle News, Uncategorized

SPRING-BREAK-204x1024Although spring break is a fun time, you may worry about the hassle of hauling hair products and finding hair salons at your spring break destination to make you look your best. With a little preparation and imagination, you can easily maintain your hair during spring break and look fabulous. Black hair styles often require a lot of care and maintenance to keep your hair beautiful, which requires many visits to hair salons. Spring break can lead to a fresh, new hair-style or even starting over with your beautiful locks. Spring is renewal, so renew your style that will last even after spring break ends.

Oh, Na-tur-el!

During spring break, sometimes natural hair styles can be your best look. Why not spend your time off with a wash-and-go look that requires only a small amount of hair products? The spirit of the natural look can provide a hassle-free look with only a little cream conditioner or anti-frizz serum. You can dry it lightly or wear it wet. Natural hair provides a sexy and sophisticated look no matter what your spring break plans are. This style can be worn on short, medium or long hair if you’re prepared before you leave for spring break. A great conditioning therapy or even a perm or curl from your hair salon before you go can allow you to have this natural look. While you’re on vacation; let it all hang out and go free. That’s what it’s about, right?

The Classy Twist
A twist can provide a low-maintenance hair style during your spring break. Whether your hair is long or short, a few hair products can make your hair sexy and fun during your spring break vacation. Because this style can last over a week, it will allow you to transform your look from day to night, simply by changing your wardrobe, jewelry and make-up. With the twist, there’s no need to fuss. Change other things to reflect your mood and your style.

Spring Renewal
Like flowers that bloom as spring arrives, spring break may lead you to a spring renewal. Black hair styles can often damage the hair, making you ponder if you should start over for a fresh, new look to rejuvenate your hair. Spring break can not only provide the needed fun for your soul, but the renewal of your hair. Start fresh with a short, natural cut. This look is not only sexy, but can be easily maintained with few hair products. Super short hair styles let you start over, but provide a sophisticated and sexy look for all of your spring break adventures.



Foundation Studio Hair Salon

January 11, 2014 in Hairstyle News, Salon Spotlight

Foundation Studio

Foundation Studio

For those who are looking for quality Charlote NC hair salons, Foundation Studio is the choice for all of their hair needs. Foundation Studio hair salon has the experience to pull off some of the most trendy and modern black hair styles, while also putting the needs of their customers first.
Not only does Foundation Studio hair salon offer shampoo, cuts and styling, but they also have many other services available for their clients. This includes relaxers and hair straightening, as well as waxing services for the eyebrows, upper lip and chin. This premiere Charlotte salon offers a full range of services for black hair styles, including sew-in weaves, bonded weaves, as well as expert weave removal. Brazilian keratin treatments are available for clients who want silky, shiny and straight hair that is long lasting and helps keep hair looking and feeling healthy.
With hair styling and cuts, Foundation Studio can help a client pull off any style. A trim of a few inches or a dramatic hair cut is done with ease by the stylists here. Even the most modern, edgy and difficult cuts can be performed, adding style to anyone who walks out of their doors.In addition to all of the styles that Foundation Studio offers, color treatments are also available to give anyone the new look that they are searching for. Foil highlighting, double processed color and even color correction services are offered by the expert stylists at this premiere salon. Whatever style a client can think of, Foundation Studio can make it happen, whether it is a classic style or something completely outrageous.

Foundation Studio is one of the most well known and reputable Charlote NC hair salons that offer the services that their clients want. Whether a person wants long and wavy or short and sleek, this salon can help anyone look their very best in any style. For a hair trim or a whole new look, Foundation Studio hair salon is the salon in Charlotte that can make it happen.

To reach the lovely ladies at this premier Charlotte NC hair salon, use the information below…
The Foundation Studio Hair Boutique
8826 Arbor Creek Drive
Phone: 704-733-0412


Top Prom and Wedding Hair Styles for 2012 from Dre’ Ramsuer Blanton

January 11, 2014 in Hairstyle News, Uncategorized


The top prom and wedding hair styles for 2012 were chosen by Dre’ Ramseur Blanton, the National Style Editor for Universal Salons. The first pro wedding hair style for 2012 that Dre’ chose is Lyndsey’s Chic and Curly Hair Style. Incorporating braids with curly hair is a great option for black hair styles. It allows for many options for different volumes and textures. This particular hair style features a pompadour-like side part. In addition to the side part, the curly hair adds volume to the asymmetric side braid. The shiny finish leaves a fresh, feminine look to die for.


The next hair style is called the Futuristic Mohawk. This style is for those wanting a creative and bold, sassy look. The hair is curly and flows down the middle of the head, cascading front and down toward the nape of the neck. To add more ‘oomph’ to this style, hair is convoluted in rows on either side of the head which blend perfectly into the curls.


Pin Curl Delight is the third hair style. Pin curls are sweet and sexy and are very versatile. You can use spray or gel to make them tight and sophisticated looking. You can brush them out and get soft wild waves to look seductive.


The common prom hair styles were chosen as the fourth and fifth hair style: up do’s! One variation is to have bangs in the front with sexy waves that come down out of the up do.


The other variation chosen is to have it piled on the top with tight, sleek curls. The back has tight curled braids coming down in rows from one side to the other that go down to the back of your neck.


After graduating from Dudley Cosmetology University in North Carolina in 1991, Dre’ Ramseur Blanton opened her first salon called Chez’ An’Dre’s Hair Unlimited in Kernersville. In 1998, she wanted a fresh start for her business so she relocated to Charlotte and opened Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon. She celebrated her 20th year of business in 2011. Many national magazines have published her work, including Dudley’s Hair Images, Hype Hair, Sophisticated Black Hair & Trends, Universal Salons Magazine, and NCBCA Trendsetters. This year she formed an organization called Beauty Against Obesity. This organization’s goal is to spread knowledge on how to fight against obesity.



Rihanna: Style Icon, Hair Style Queen

January 11, 2014 in Celebrity Hairstyles, Hairstyle News, Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Rihanna at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Rihanna is not only a popular and highly successful singer, but she is also a wonderful, positive style icon in the African American community – a real trendsetter. Many can relate to her, not only because she overcame many obstacles in her life, but by the very public, abusive relationship she went through, and the fine manner in which she handled herself. Females of a variety ages are inspired to mimic, or develop a similar, feminine, glamorous style that Rihanna portrays, from the make up and clothes that she wears, to her wide variety of captivating and versatile hair styles. She knows what to wear, how to wear it, and knows when to wear it. Rihanna has self-respect, is classy, and has sex appeal all at the same time. She is daring and exudes confidence. These qualities are ones that most women would like to possess.

One never knows what color, length or style Rihanna will be seen with next, but one thing is for sure, it will be stunning, and sometimes a surprise. Rihanna is the ultimate example of how many black hair styles can be achieved by one person. The latest of Rihanna’s many styles of hair was seen at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards that were held on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Rave reviews were given for her gently tousled hair with soft waves that gently framed her face. Her sunny blond hair, along with her bronze skin, gave her the look of a sexy sun goddess.If you want a similar eye-catching look as the the latest one that Rihanna wore on the red carpet, it is easy to accomplish. Rihanna’s hair was dyed blond and cut into shaggy layers. After her hair was given texture with a foaming wrap lotion, a medium-barrel curling iron was used to curl small sections of hair. After the hair was curled and cooled, the curls were separated. Her hairstylist used a brush, but you can also use your fingers to comb through the curls and loosen them. To hold the style in place a light hold hairspray was used. It is just that simple to attain this sultry Rihanna hair style.




Tiffany Cunningham’s Blonde Bombshell Hair Styles Step by Step

January 11, 2014 in Hairstyle News, Hairstyle Step by Steps

TIFFANY-231x300In this video, she provides a detailed tutorial on the process used to create Tequila’s bombshell look. The hair stylist begins by creating long layers on a quick weave. She then goes on to show how she curls and styles the hair to create the flawless finished look.

This video includes invaluable cutting and styling techniques. Tequila’s hair style color is a beautiful shade of blonde which creates the perfect combination of drama and sophistication for the final look. This look can also be recreated with ease using any hair style color as well as different lengths and textures.

This is the perfect video for everyone who has ever wanted to be able to produce eye-catching, long hair styles. It would be ideal for hair salons that use black hair videos to train stylists on current styling techniques. What better way to have them learn than directly from a stylist whose work is respected in hair salons across the country? It will also serve as a guide for novices and amateurs who would like to see how top hair stylists create one of the most popular black hair styles. Regardless of skill level, it is a must-watch.

Upscale Barber & Styling Salon is THE Top Tier Hair Salon in Charleston SC

January 11, 2014 in Hairstyle News, Salon Spotlight

The hair stylist of Upscale Barber & Styling Salon

The hair stylist of Upscale Barber & Styling Salon

Upscale Barber & Styling Salon is located at 5101 Ashley Phosphate Road Suite 104 in North Charleston, South Carolina. The business has built a reputation amongst those in the North Charleston area as the go-to salon for upscale service and black hair styles. Their roster of professional barbers and hair stylists are skilled in every type of black hair and are experts at achieving the most in-demand hair styles.

It is a one-stop-shop for all black hair styles. This professional salon employs many talented stylists who specialize in all lengths and styles including weaves, clipper cuts, curly hair, kids hair styles, up-dos and natural hair styles. They are also experts in techniques for the creative use of hair color. These stylists are talented trendsetters who pay attention to black hair trends. They keep their fingers on the pulse of what is new and fresh in South Carolina and across the country.
Upscale Barber & Styling Salon offers an unparalleled level of service to ensure that each client has a relaxing experience. They understand that word-of-mouth is the best advertisement and therefore strive to build positive relationships with all of their clients. The salon staff prides themselves on giving each client prompt and high quality service. They provide an atmosphere that that is comfortable for men, women and children.

The salon is also home to Shear Creations By Ursula, owned by Ursula Kershaw, which specializes in providing services for black hair. The professional values displayed at Shear Creations By Ursula are an excellent fit for the location. It exhibits the same level of creativity, innovation and skilled service as Upscale Salon. They are open six days a week to meet their clients needs and availability.

Upscale Barber & Styling Salon and Shear Creations By Ursula are the go-to destinations for all hair styling needs in the North Charleston area. Contact them today and let these professional and artistic hair stylists show you why their salons are the most popular in the area.

To reach the talented team from Upscale Barber & Styling Salon, look below.

5101 Ashley Phosphate Road
Suite 104
N. Charleston, SC  29418
Phone: (843) 552-6729


Rihanna’s New Hair

January 11, 2014 in Celebrity Hairstyles, Hairstyle News, Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna in Concert at the O2 Arena in London - October 6, 2011

Rihanna in Concert at the O2 Arena in London – October 6, 2011

There are few entertainers with as much style as Rihanna. The singer, who is best known for her hit songs, “Umbrella,” “Disturbia,” “Don’t Stop The Music,” and “S&M,” is often praised for her unique style, commonly being called a pioneer when it comes to fashion. It’s her hair, however, that has recently been turning heads.

In the past, Rihanna, who is of African American decent, caused quite a stir after dying her hair a bright red in mid 2010. She kept this fire engine red hair color for over a year, visiting several hair salons in order to maintain the color. Despite keeping her hair bright, she would often change the hair styles from short to long to curly and everything else in between.

Rihanna has recently been spotted without her brightly colored hair, however. At Rihanna in Concert at the O2 Arena in London on
October 6th, 2011, Rihanna was spotted with a much more natural looking scalp. Her hair was a beautiful chestnut brown and of medium to long length just past her shoulders. The hair was wavy with curls towards the bottom and seemed to suit the singer just as well as her previous hair styles have, but with a much more natural looking appearance.

With Rihanna being so well known for her previous red hair, it’s unclear whether she will be keeping this more natural appearance. Many believe that it may be more bentifical to the African American community to see more black hair styles that look natural, rather than parading around in an obviously fake color.

Surely if Rihanna is able to embrace her more natural black hair styles, others will as well.

This hair style was create in a much simpler way, unlike Rihanna’s last hair style, which cost as much as £2,000 a day at local hair salons. With this hair style, all that was needed is to take large sections of brown medium length hair, wrap it in a curling iron for a few seconds, then release. This helps Rihanna to achieve the large waves. After that, simply tuck behind your ear and you’re ready to rock the stage.

Tammy Herod – A True Hair Artist

January 11, 2014 in Hairstyle News, Hairstylist Spotlight


Cosmetology University, Tammy applies her artistic sensibilities to all of her hair styles. Tammy was truly inspired by her education at Dudley Cosmetology University, saying that it changed her life.
At Tammy Herrod’s hair salon, she specializes in creating healthy and manageable black hair styles for the large pool of faithful clients she has built up over the years. Recognizing the special needs of black hair styles, Tammy leverages the knowledge she gained at Dudley Cosmetology University and uses Dudley products, which are specifically formulated to improve the health of black hair.

Tammy’s clientele includes models and other fashion professionals who seek her unique, creative approach to creating cutting-edge hair styles. For three consecutive years, Tammy’s hair styles have been showcased in the Universal Salons Photo Sessions. These annual photo sessions have garnered Tammy and her hair salon well-deserved attention and new clients. Tammy explains that, “When people first move to Oxford, I am the first person that they call because they have seen my work.”

While magazines and website buzz about Tammy’s fantastic work continue to attract new customers, Tammy is pleased to see her base of loyal
customers, from local professionals to area college students and alumni, return year after year. Her clientele continue to grow because of Tammy’s special ability to create one-of-a-kind styles that are on trend but naturally healthy and easy to care for.

Tammy, inspired by her education at Dudley Cosmetology University, is always striving to improve her techniques and knowledge of the latest innovations in hair styling. When she is not in the hair salon, she is busy reading up on the newest trends in black hair styles, exercising, and spending quality-time with her 11 year-old daughter. Whatever she does, Tammy believes in giving it everything she’s got – a dedication that
shines through in each of her beautiful styles.

You can contact Tammy directly at the following location…

OXFORD, MS  38655
Phone: (662) 236-2008