Christina Milian’s Hair Style Glam

January 11, 2014 in Celebrity Hairstyles, Christina Milian

Christina Milian

Christina Milian

Ethnic hair is so versatile and lovely that we cannot help but to be impressed with the stars’ styling methods. Whether it is long hair styles or short hair styles, black hair styles take diva to new heights with cuts, colors, and curls. When we see those styles, we want those styles; especially Christina Milan’s hair style featured here.

Christina Milan has Cuban heritage, so her hair is not as coarse as many African American women. To achieve the straight foundation necessary for this long hair style, there are a few options. For coarse hair, the options are chemical processing through relaxing, straightening through blow dry and subsequent hot comb, or substitution methods through wigs or hair tracks. For hair that is more curly than coarse, seek lighter methods of the applications above. Perhaps adding a stronger straightening agent like gel when blow drying out the curls with a circular brush will be all that is necessary for the base look.

Christina’s hair is kept in long hair styles for flexibility. However, even she has help from time to time from her glam squad and some extra hair extensions for fullness. For desired length and fullness for your long hair style, add extensions from the middle of the crown to the base. This practice gives a seamless gradient look. Please make sure that the color of the supplementary hair is the match for your current hair color. For black hair styles, this can vary from a pure pitch black “1A” (as marked on the package) to a varied brown or even red tone of “4”. Comparing the difference between the package and your hair color in the sunlight is essential.

Her highlights look so natural in this picture. They are not overwhelming or intentionally distracting. Highlights for long hair styles can be expensive. Black hair shafts are thicker dependent on the classification of coarse to curly grade. Coloring at home can seem like a good idea and but the results can be very wrong. Most beautician will recommend that you receive professional help to reach the streaks that are only one or two degrees lighter than her hair color reflected here.

To achieve her loose body curls, the optimum thing to do is roller setting for black hair styles. The hair will need to be saturated with setting lotion, curled then pinned with two to three inch rollers, and dried under a hooded blow dryer. The secondary option to achieve this hair style is to use a large barrel curling iron. However, be warned, the accompanying heat can damage the hair and the curl will not maintain through the night.