Blunt Bob Haircut for Black Women from Deirdre Clay

July 1, 2017 in Black Hairstyles, Bob Hairstyles Gallery, Clipper Cut Women's Hairstyles Gallery, DEIRDRE CLAY, Hair Color, Medium Hairstyles Gallery, Uncategorized, Wave Links Hair Studio

One of the simplest, most popular classics is the beloved bob. This go-to cut has an infinite amount of versatility, allowing you and your stylist to design something wholly unique to you.

Deirdre “Dee” Clay’s Blunt Bob Haircut showcases the bob at its ultimate simplicity, adding a punch of color to make it really stand out. When worn parted down the middle, this cut is smooth and super sleek, framing the face with perfect symmetry. For a little variation and maybe a little just-over-the-eye sexiness, this cut could also be parted to the side to achieve an asymmetrical frame of equally sleek simplicity. The blunt cut ends give this particular bob its unique personality.

Stylist: Deirdre Clay
Model: Bria
Make Up: Deirdre Clay


The most striking feature of this style is undoubtedly the gorgeous plum coloring. Dee shows her mastery here, in how she utterly transforms one of the most simple hairdos into sexy pop-star glam. The rosy plum coloring is applied to perfection, glinting just enough tonal variation to keep this style kickin’ and demand a double-take from any passerby.

Maintenance is almost non-existent for a cut this simple—and thank goodness for that! Be it a busy day at the office or a night of play out on the town, this bob will translate to any venue of activity without another trip to the salon or hours spent styling on your own. Wearing the Ridoc Wrap Cap while sleeping helps to hold this bob’s style and form, while adding a touch of Thermal Seal and a quick comb-down when you wake up freshens the ease of your locks. A quick spritz of Holding Spray and you’re literally on your way!

This Blunt Bob Haircut is not only simple, versatile, and full of plum-punchy attitude, it’s also designed by one of the most skilled and talented stylists in Fayetteville, NC. With 30 years Cosmetology experience, 20 years working as owner of Wave Links Hair Studio Inc., 15 years instructional experience, multiple features in well-known publications, and even styling for music videos, Deirdre “Dee” Clay is a powerhouse of professionalism and know-how, delivering nothing less than fantastic results.

To learn more about the stylist—or, more appropriately, the artist—behind this particular plum-lovely Blunt Bob, pop on over to her bio at Universal Salons (